A Birthday Present To Myself

When I was younger, I attempted to be flawless.

Hiding my imperfections, never to be seen, never to be thought less of. 

Now that I am older, 

I show my scars to the world that made them.

I embrace the wounded, the worry, the broken. 

I embrace the curious, the quirky, the weird. 

I embrace the daughter, the mother, the women.

I don’t strive to be flawless any longer.

I only attempt to be fearless. 


13 thoughts on “A Birthday Present To Myself

    1. Yup. I totally agree. This has been what this year has been all about. When you have a stroke and have to relearn what your sense of self really is and while you are at it, try again and again to relearn how to speak and learn again— I have redefined my idea of strength, failure , compassion and identity. It has been such a learning process.
      Anyways, thanks for reading. I love your blog posts and I too, have an Australian Shepard 😉

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      1. I’m sure there were times where you were so afraid. You wrote a post that you have to be your own hero, but you’re sort of mine too ❤ Enjoy cuddling those boys of yours, and your Australian Shepard too!

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      2. Wow, that made me choke up a little. Yes, I was afraid everyday in the beginning, but every time I forced myself to carry on, it got easier. Eventually, it didn’t seamed like much scarred anymore…. And if it did, I knew I was heading in the right direction.
        Thank you for you thoughtful response and kind words. I appreciate both.

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  1. I wuzz gonna seigh “pschidt” but axeptorate the “oh poo poo” –>

    you’ve buried the hammur amongst the nails w/that (your poem): the attempts to be flawless, ill-considurd in wretrospect — and THAT is what and why we can post/blog today!

    EVERY-1 (purdy mutsch) wood be bored reading about how wundurphull sum-won wuzz (you know, THOSE PHLAWLESS BLOGGURZ) and the rub (“ay, there’s”) izzen the musings over the prawbleghmz ‘n sutch ~

    if ya havvint guesst: I enjoyed and appreciated your fearless summary !

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    1. Thank you, I like your take on spelling. Recovering from aphasia and dyslexia that was brought on by a stroke, takes me longer to check my spelling and grammar then ever before and I was always so adamant about doing so before I hit “post”… Maybe that’s were my perfectionism is rearing its ugly head haha… I won’t worry about that anymore because really, who cares?
      Anyways, thanks for the awesome response.

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      1. Yes please! I would love to read more! I love how all of these words build such an important connection 😍….and thanks!! I hope to do a little more of it now that the kids are back to school! Have a great night!


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