About Kristen

Kristen is a the mother of two wonderful boys, a Registered Nurse and Chronic Disease Educator who experienced a sharp turn in her career when she suffered from Aphasia and apraxia after a cryptogenic stroke in 2015. She fought back and after years of rehabilitation she regained her ability to communicate and now is dedicating her life to making a difference in educating others about communicating with empathy, encouraging resilience and bringing more compassionate care to the medical system. She now sits on various committees and is a co-founder of My Why Revolution, where she and her partner work with non- profit organizations to share stories from brave individuals to educate, break the stigma and start conversations around hidden disabilities and mental health.  She has been on CTV, CBC, Global, various conferences and a guests lecturer at university’s all around the country.

She is an avid runner, an eternal optimist and has been known to say yes to anything that frightens her. She can be found sharing new adventures with her husband and her kids, or cozying up to good book.

Follow her on My Why Revolution (www.mywhyrevolution.com) with her friend and business partner Jessie Mann where they bring educational stories to the public and huge a voice and a platform to those who need it most.

4 thoughts on “About Kristen

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, you are an amazing person and sound like a fantastic mum! I adore my children and be saying I love you even more.

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