It’s All About Perspective…

I was given a 6 month flying restriction after I had a stroke in March. My husband and dear friends booked a trip to Vegas not long after I got out of the hospital for October, only 16 days after the restrictions had been lifted. At first I was a little hesitant. I am still in recovery and have a some issues with fatigue, expressive speech and sensory stimulus, and I could think of no worse city for a stroke survivor to go. However, I explicitly trust my companions and I knew that I would be safe and they would be patient. If you hang out with me enough, you will hear me say that my new motto is be brave in spite of fear, to say yes to where ever life leads you and cherish every experience. I needed to put my money where my mouth was and as tentative as I was, I agreed. 

Flying over the Nevada skyline, I looked down from my window seat and saw the proverbial city that never sleeps. The lights were amazing. I had seen this several times before, but it was new to me now. The lights dotted the landscape in perfect rows, and I could see that there was a design and a plan to this city. It was absolutely beautiful. I suddenly realized that the view from the street of a random alleyway would not appear so orderly or aesthetic. From street level you would not see the beautiful symmetry of buildings and the lights that danced off one another. 

It is all about perspective. 

When we view our lives with gratitude and with our hearts wide open and focus on what is happening with the present moment in mind, we can begin to see our lives from a new depth where there is a divine design, a pattern and a rhythm to life. From this perspective the lights dance off each other into a ubiquitous glow, and you are content to be alive in this glorious moment. We belong to the flow of life, connecting us all to each other. 

Or, in contrast, when we focus on what is lacking and place walls around our hearts and spirits, we lose direction. We become so focused on what our life is missing, we don’t see the wonderful moments unfolding all around us. When we lose perspective we don’t see the divine light that connects us all. When we chose to separate ourselves and close ourselves off from the intrinsic flow of the world around us, we only see our lives from an back alleyway of a shoddy Vegas casino.